Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jump Off

Aight so i know what some of y'all are thinking right now, "WHY YOU GOT A BLOG!? You aint doin nothin right now!", and more than likely..........YOU'RE WRONG! HAHA! There are some little things (industry things that is) that im working on that i gotta keep hush hush about, but hopefully i will be able to talk more about when the time is right.
Yes i will be posting things here that i will not post on DA, and the reason for it is simple, i want to use this as a learning ground, and also as more of a "How I Do" type of thing, and alot less of a "LOOKATME!" type of thing. There are several reasons as to why i have a Blogspot, but i will spare you all of them and only share 3 of em.
A) Its ABSOLUTELY FREE! I mean come on, its like when i first stumbled upon DA, it gives me the ability to step out in a NEW and different way, and the luster of other things on DA dont lure you in, only my work so its somewhat of a scale to see how i look in the eyes of you guys, which is pretty cool too. And i mean REALLY, who doesnt have a blog nowadays, CAN I EAT TOO?!?!
B) Its kinda cool to have a space thats all my own, and allows me to do/say things in a way and give you guys more of a look into what my process is, how i like to work, and why i like to do certain things in certain ways. Its my own Gallery, i can do whatever i want, and i dont give a damn who sees it, HAHAHAHAHA!
C) To sort of serve as a portfolio other than DA. This makes it easier for people to simply see the things that i have instead of having to CLICK this button or CLICK that , you can spare yourself the time and come on by and simply SEE. As far as comparisons to DA, its kinda like living at home and having your own room , and then moving out to have your own apartment (and your own house would be a website, i aint there yet, lol).
So there you go, heres to hoping to have some fun and help each other in AMAZING ways, i hope you guys feel at home here, and are ready to BOOGIE, cause i am, FO SHO!