Thursday, June 28, 2007



Aight so this is one of my many drawings that i have been doing in my spare time as a sort of REST FROM WORK/ and EXERCISE!

I have been returning to my old style where i simply did what i liked and really escaped the thresholds of what i thought was effective and would make me happy. In the end i know what it is that i want to go for and its the simple stuff with my own flair in it, "NAM SAYIN"!

This came as i was watching a Pokemon marathon the other day, and i was like i wonder how cool they would look with different proportions and a little age (unlike my Naruto piece which was accidental age adding, lol) this was added on purpose.

So this is the first in (I BELIEVE) will be a few more pieces, including Bleach, and DEFINITELY a new NARUTO and Champloo piece, and who knows what else is hitting me that day when i decide to do that THING.

One thing is for certain, IM BACK HEFFAS, and im really liking where its going, and progressing towards, HOLLA BACK and N-JOI!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Pages

Alrighty then folks, heres an update for ya, ENJOY!