Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lone Wolf and Cub


Well, i love coloring alot, and the more that i lear, and establish a style for myself, the more i want to do it, so, theres the backdrop for that one.

With that, here is a Lone Wolf and Cub piece done by the AMAZING Leinil Yu. I should say that i found the Inked version here on DA inked by who did a pretty stellar job if i might say so myself.

Yeah i still have a lot to learn, and i know that theres alot that i could do with this one, which i will do, and mybe post it, but i was so excited to share it that i didnt bother to do those things, lol.

Umm, yeah this took about 3 hours, and i used Photoshop CS, OpenCanvas, and PAINTER (lots-o-programs, lol).