Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yeah so right now i am in the process of developing my HIM comic, which i will be trying to pitch this year at each Con that i go to, you know we'll see where that goes. And im also just recently signed onto the next Low Orbit anthology, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Yeah at the end of 06 i predicted that 07 was the year of my DAWNING, and i really feel that coming on, im TOO EXCITED.

Also on a different note, i dropped that last project that i was working on, so no more Japanese family story from me you guys. Im also in the process of working on a sketchbook project with my Brother Jusdog at Deviantart, and my HOMIE Kizer180 at Deviantart, go check them out, and be on the lookout for that at your local COnvention and Comic shop, AIGHT!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Things are GREAT! I finally got some work going after a little PAUSE in PRODUCTION. Thats actually a good thing seeing that my wife is now pregnant, i guess God has some great timing (good lookin out yo). YEAH thats right i got a little one on the way, IM SO HAPPY! I want to start doing a series of art kinda depicting what things i feel in response to the reality of having a child, i WANT to do that, we'll see what happens in the upcoming weeks.

I was seriously on the brink of applying at McDonalds for a JOB (seeing that i applied EVERYWHERE else already and no one retunred a single phone call, s'all good though) not that McDonalds is bad or anything, but with the kid on the way and trying to BREAK IN, working anything in that arena would force me to have to do some MAD hours in order to pay off anything, so it was definitely last on my list.

Ummm as far as the project that im working on, i gotta keep some of the information SECRET, but i can show an image of it, to the left you will see the image that the story is focused around, i will have more updates as the project has more of a FLASHY consistency.

Well, thats the Update for now, just a little random LOVE for all y'all out there, oh yeah and GO BEARS! I will catch y'all cats on the FLIP, stay warm, and PEACE!