Saturday, October 6, 2007

Character designs

Here are some desings that i did for a job, ENJOY!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cowboy Practice

Just practicing on some different elements of digital col;oring. I feel like i got a lot to learn, and im enjoying that feeling, PEACE and ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Som art for you people out there in PEOPLE LAND!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lone Wolf and Cub


Well, i love coloring alot, and the more that i lear, and establish a style for myself, the more i want to do it, so, theres the backdrop for that one.

With that, here is a Lone Wolf and Cub piece done by the AMAZING Leinil Yu. I should say that i found the Inked version here on DA inked by who did a pretty stellar job if i might say so myself.

Yeah i still have a lot to learn, and i know that theres alot that i could do with this one, which i will do, and mybe post it, but i was so excited to share it that i didnt bother to do those things, lol.

Umm, yeah this took about 3 hours, and i used Photoshop CS, OpenCanvas, and PAINTER (lots-o-programs, lol).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pulled Plug

Wassup blog freaks, lol. So i have here some new work to lay on those arses. This is a Superman piece that i did, and threw into Photoshop and played with it a little. Ummm, yeah enjoy, it was a quickie, and i plan on having a lot of these little quickies on here in the near future, so SAVOR IT BABY!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Im STORYbored

Wassup good peoples, okay so i got a BLOGSPOT exclusive here, and i think you all will enjoy it actually, well i definitely hope you do, cause you will DEFINITELY be seeing more like it.

Here are some "Storyboards" that i whipped up, and had TONS-O-FUN doing. Its based on a product that i made up called "LOVE Potion No.8, and it basically makes the person you spray it on, hate you, lol.

Like i said i had alot of fun doing it, and i got TONS more storyboards that i am doing for practice, so stay tuned for those in the near future, PEACE and ENJOY!

Thursday, June 28, 2007



Aight so this is one of my many drawings that i have been doing in my spare time as a sort of REST FROM WORK/ and EXERCISE!

I have been returning to my old style where i simply did what i liked and really escaped the thresholds of what i thought was effective and would make me happy. In the end i know what it is that i want to go for and its the simple stuff with my own flair in it, "NAM SAYIN"!

This came as i was watching a Pokemon marathon the other day, and i was like i wonder how cool they would look with different proportions and a little age (unlike my Naruto piece which was accidental age adding, lol) this was added on purpose.

So this is the first in (I BELIEVE) will be a few more pieces, including Bleach, and DEFINITELY a new NARUTO and Champloo piece, and who knows what else is hitting me that day when i decide to do that THING.

One thing is for certain, IM BACK HEFFAS, and im really liking where its going, and progressing towards, HOLLA BACK and N-JOI!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Pages

Alrighty then folks, heres an update for ya, ENJOY!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Process YO!

Wassup peoples, here is a little look into my process, and i promise the way that im producing work these days, this will be the first of many UPDATES from now on, So enjoy, cause the next time i post something, it will look 10 times better, HOLLA!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Graphic Content

Umm, well, heres some graphic design stuff, i figured that i needed to update you guys so here it is, ENJOY!

Friday, March 23, 2007

DARKNESS is spreading

Yeah waddup People of the world. Look im sorry about the lack of posting, but if you havent noticed,WE ARTISTS' TEND TO SUCK AT UPDATING IT!, lol!

Either way you all should be happy, that only means that im actually producing work, and work is what you will receive this fine day....well not so fine in Chicago actually, nevermind.

I was at WIzard World LA about a week ago, and was chillin at the Top Cow booth, as i will be doing some work with them, and when i got home i decided to do a Darkness pin-up (even though thats not the project that i will be working on) so here it is, i hope you guys enjoy it.

Oh yeah there will be more work coming atcha, so STAY TUNED!


Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Alright fellow citizens of Chicago and whereever else you are, i have returned, this time with less talk and more art. I will say though that New York was great, and i really had a greta time with my Brother and bunch of buddies that we rarely get to see, i will have more of that posted up later on, but for right now enjoy some imagery. Some of this stuff is already posted, and some is not, the point is, YOU LOVE IT, and so you get more of it, lol. Talk to you guys later, PEACE!

Friday, February 16, 2007

New York New York New York...............NY!

Whats up people, finally a little update as to what has been going down in the house of LOVE, lol. Well, after some AMAZINGLY cold weather here in the city of wind, my wife and i experienced the most CRAZY Valentines Day pre-week.

It started when our water pipes froze throughout the entire house thus rendering anything in our house that involved water, USELESS. And then as if that werent enough, the piped EXPLODED sending freezing cold water through the pipes and onto the floor of our laundry room. So we spent about a week without water, in a freezing cold house, going back and fourth to my in-laws house taking showers and washing clothes.

And with all of that we also were cold because the windows in our house are old and a freezing breeze constantly shoots through every crevice in our house, except for upstair where i moved my office finally because downstairs in my office it was 10 degrees, yeah and i cant draw in those conditions, lol.

Well, after all of that drama, we spoke to our landlord who agreed to let us break our lease and thus we started to look for a New BETTER place, and we found a few, oh yeah all of this as im trying to GET MY SAMPLES DONE FOR NEW YORK! AHHHHHH! It was crazy, but on Valentines day we got to go and spend a couple of days in a nice hotel and relax, so getting back to the samples after that was a breeze, now im all ready (almost, at least) and SUPER EXCITED about getting out to NY with my bro and a couple of our friends, its my first time and i dont know what to expect in the Second City, tee hee.

Just to keep you guys going i got some art, I hope you enjoy, nothing major, just a coloring of HIM that i did. yeah i know i need to practice more of my coloring skills, and thats what this is, AIGHT PEACE!


Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yeah so right now i am in the process of developing my HIM comic, which i will be trying to pitch this year at each Con that i go to, you know we'll see where that goes. And im also just recently signed onto the next Low Orbit anthology, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Yeah at the end of 06 i predicted that 07 was the year of my DAWNING, and i really feel that coming on, im TOO EXCITED.

Also on a different note, i dropped that last project that i was working on, so no more Japanese family story from me you guys. Im also in the process of working on a sketchbook project with my Brother Jusdog at Deviantart, and my HOMIE Kizer180 at Deviantart, go check them out, and be on the lookout for that at your local COnvention and Comic shop, AIGHT!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Things are GREAT! I finally got some work going after a little PAUSE in PRODUCTION. Thats actually a good thing seeing that my wife is now pregnant, i guess God has some great timing (good lookin out yo). YEAH thats right i got a little one on the way, IM SO HAPPY! I want to start doing a series of art kinda depicting what things i feel in response to the reality of having a child, i WANT to do that, we'll see what happens in the upcoming weeks.

I was seriously on the brink of applying at McDonalds for a JOB (seeing that i applied EVERYWHERE else already and no one retunred a single phone call, s'all good though) not that McDonalds is bad or anything, but with the kid on the way and trying to BREAK IN, working anything in that arena would force me to have to do some MAD hours in order to pay off anything, so it was definitely last on my list.

Ummm as far as the project that im working on, i gotta keep some of the information SECRET, but i can show an image of it, to the left you will see the image that the story is focused around, i will have more updates as the project has more of a FLASHY consistency.

Well, thats the Update for now, just a little random LOVE for all y'all out there, oh yeah and GO BEARS! I will catch y'all cats on the FLIP, stay warm, and PEACE!