Friday, February 16, 2007

New York New York New York...............NY!

Whats up people, finally a little update as to what has been going down in the house of LOVE, lol. Well, after some AMAZINGLY cold weather here in the city of wind, my wife and i experienced the most CRAZY Valentines Day pre-week.

It started when our water pipes froze throughout the entire house thus rendering anything in our house that involved water, USELESS. And then as if that werent enough, the piped EXPLODED sending freezing cold water through the pipes and onto the floor of our laundry room. So we spent about a week without water, in a freezing cold house, going back and fourth to my in-laws house taking showers and washing clothes.

And with all of that we also were cold because the windows in our house are old and a freezing breeze constantly shoots through every crevice in our house, except for upstair where i moved my office finally because downstairs in my office it was 10 degrees, yeah and i cant draw in those conditions, lol.

Well, after all of that drama, we spoke to our landlord who agreed to let us break our lease and thus we started to look for a New BETTER place, and we found a few, oh yeah all of this as im trying to GET MY SAMPLES DONE FOR NEW YORK! AHHHHHH! It was crazy, but on Valentines day we got to go and spend a couple of days in a nice hotel and relax, so getting back to the samples after that was a breeze, now im all ready (almost, at least) and SUPER EXCITED about getting out to NY with my bro and a couple of our friends, its my first time and i dont know what to expect in the Second City, tee hee.

Just to keep you guys going i got some art, I hope you enjoy, nothing major, just a coloring of HIM that i did. yeah i know i need to practice more of my coloring skills, and thats what this is, AIGHT PEACE!



Jon Tsuei said...

How's it going? Saw your site by way of the comments on Eric Canete's blog.

Very cool style you have here. Sounds like you're going to be at NYCC, if you are, you should come by Eric's artist alley table.

I'll be there from Fri-Sun and Eric will be there Sat-Sun. It's table A125 if you have trouble finding us.

Keep doing what you do!

Chrispy said...

Thanks man, that means alot to me, im still learning a ton of new things. I will definitely be visiting your table this weekend. I'll see you there.

Jonboy! said...

Chris! Whattup! Great stuff mang! Keep it coming!