Thursday, June 28, 2007



Aight so this is one of my many drawings that i have been doing in my spare time as a sort of REST FROM WORK/ and EXERCISE!

I have been returning to my old style where i simply did what i liked and really escaped the thresholds of what i thought was effective and would make me happy. In the end i know what it is that i want to go for and its the simple stuff with my own flair in it, "NAM SAYIN"!

This came as i was watching a Pokemon marathon the other day, and i was like i wonder how cool they would look with different proportions and a little age (unlike my Naruto piece which was accidental age adding, lol) this was added on purpose.

So this is the first in (I BELIEVE) will be a few more pieces, including Bleach, and DEFINITELY a new NARUTO and Champloo piece, and who knows what else is hitting me that day when i decide to do that THING.

One thing is for certain, IM BACK HEFFAS, and im really liking where its going, and progressing towards, HOLLA BACK and N-JOI!


Joshm said...

Yeah, I totally get what you're saying. I was all about trying to impress and whatnot, but now I'm just drawing the way that I feel like. Whatever makes me happy and I'm good. Hopefully somewhere in there people are liking what I do.

jES said...

nice...I've never been into Pokemon, but I'm digging the older, more mature take on Ash...I really like your style...I've got you linked on my blog to check in from time to time...I hope to see more new hotness on a more regular basis...keep 'em coming...

Chrispy said...

Thanks guys.

Josh: Yeah man, i mean i thihk its very easy to see what the concensus likes as far as art goes, and to eventually fall into place (so-to-speak) so i find myself in the position now where, i NEED to do what i do best, the best way that i know how, so more power to you yo.

Jes: Yeah i just recently watched the Marathon that they had on Cartoon Network, but other than that i really on ly caught the cartoon every now and again, but yeah if it was drawn like this, i think i would watch it a little more, lol, Glad you like, and look forward to more DOPENESS!

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Sakari said...

I never thought Pokemon could look so fresh, I'm glad you decided to have some fun.

Anonymous said...

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