Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Garrison and Supes

This piece is a SUperman caricature that i did with some markers white out and, paper...i guess, lol. Just fun with some traditional mediums, more to come from that direction soon as i am really enjoying playing around with the traditional mediums right now, and full intent on carrying that on.

And the other is a piece that i did as an Ode to Joe Madureira. That cat is just as responsible, if not more, as any other artist out there that has inspired me. I remember when i first got Battle Chasers #1, and being FLOORED! Everything about it was what i wanted to do with my art, plain and simple. As time progressed, i found other artist that motivated me in the similar way, but not nearly to the same extent as Joe.

SO this is a piece that will stand as a thanks for it all to Joe. ENJOY!


eugene commodore said...

Brush Stroke goodness

Chrispy said...

BUTT Stroke, WHAT?!?!?! Lol, thanks Bristolio! (Thats your Italian Master names)

grantbond said...

great stuff!

pablo pablo said...

Nice works!