Friday, January 30, 2009

Monsters and Black men

Yeah, there is really is no connection between the two...most of the time at least, lol. These are more of astretch from what i usually do, which is something that im doing more often, which would explain the lack of posting...for now.

These are also sketches from my upcoming Sketchbook with fellow artists Alina "Ayanimeya" Urusov, Coran "Kizer180" Stone, Jeffery "Chamba" Cruz, and Bob "VonToten" Strang. This year is starting off really nice, and the way that i wish the last 3 would have started off like, but, you know timing is everything, and the timing is GREAT right now.

Aight peeps, i hope you enjoy it, because growth is happening, and what you see now is only getting BETTER!

1 comment:

Fabian said...

It could be a connection if they were men in black instead of black men. But either way, they look amazing! Great work you are always doing, im happy you are having time to work on your projects! Have a perfect weekend! :)