Thursday, May 14, 2009

Made In America

So teaching at a school today, and this being my last few weeks at the schools that i go and teach at, i decided to ask all of the teachers that i have worked for over the last 6 years for a shirt from each of their respective schools.

One teacher in particular turned out to be a HUGE Captain America fan, and asked me if we could make it a trade, a shirt for a commission...well, who was i to say no.

He liked my Profile shot of captain that i had on my blog, and asked me if i could do something like that but a little bigger, and close up, and this is it. I love my job, and will definitely miss it, i have been speaking to High Schoolers for the last 6 years, and have impacted, and been impacted by so many of them.

And although im going on to my dream job, the Blessing that this job has been to me will always be something that i thank God for.

Done with Prisma, paintbrush, white and black paint, a Copic's for the red, blue and skin color, PEACE!


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Tom said...

Very cool Cap piece! I am studying to get my Masters in Art Education, I hope I can feel similar rewarding feelings to the ones you mentioned in this post.