Monday, June 29, 2009

Jet and Zuko

So this is another of the LOST commission pieces that i just found and am sending out. This one is for, she wanted me to so Jet and Zuko from Avatar, and i have seen maybe one full episode of that show, so i had no idea, and there aren't a lot of good online pictures of these guys (at least good for me) so this one was kinda go with what you have and have fun type of piece, and that's what i did, ENJOY!


kalonji said...

beautifull !!!i love that character

great work

best :-)

arnie said...

i do enjoy it but you know the hooks are backwards.... anyways i stumbled across your site and i like waht i see. i'll stumble back from time to time. and congratulations on the move to the city of Angels

peace out